Mission Control Center Acrylic (Sold Out)

SOLD OUT Own a piece of US space history! The latest in our exclusive series of launch complex artifacts, each of these stunning acrylics contains a segment of telecommunications cable actually used in NASA's Mercury Control Center, later remaned the Mission Control Center for its role during the Gemini program beginning in 1964. This building at Cape Canaveral was demolished in 2010, but these acrylics contain 1-1/4 " segments of wire that was saved from the site. 


The front depicts the MCC before the launch of Auroroa 7 in May 1962, while the reverse includes photos of the center during contruction and operation.


Measuring 6" x 2 3/4" x 1", these beautiful collector's items are individually numbered in a limited-edition issue of just 60 pieces, with the number (x/60) laser-engraved on the front.


These historic Mission Control Center acrylics are available exclusively through Retro Space Images, and make the perfect gift for any space or history enthusiast. 

Mission Control Center Acrylic (Sold Out)
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